Binsearch not updating

However, you should watch out for malware and viruses.

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HDTV.x264-AVS.nzb) to "mytest.nzb" and download it, is there still a \x9 in the resulting handling? action=nzb&402809786=1'); print[:100] " Traceback (most recent call last): File ""Essai de récupération du NZB depuis %s" is "Trying to fetch NZB from %s" The cause & real reason: is not reachable / not answering. And as soon as Binsearch gives the NZB, SABnzbd will start downloading.Contents Directory exclusions Process exclusions File name extension exclusions You must exclude specific directories for each Exchange server on which you run a file-level antivirus scanner.This section describes the directories that you should exclude from file-level scanning.Many file-level scanners now support the scanning of processes, which can adversely affect Microsoft Exchange if the incorrect processes are scanned.Therefore, you should exclude the following processes from file-level scanners.

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