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In contrast this warm water dive in the Beqa Island channel off Viti Levu’s Pacific Harbour is sheer adrenalin rush. Here, I’m with five other divers, an equal number of guides and countless sharks.

Whitetip, Blacktip and Grey Reef dominate while Tawny Nurse, Silvertips and Sicklefin Lemon sharks all compete for attention in the food chain.

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Away from the tourist centres of the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands and the purpose-built Denarau Island, another world exists.I try a mango daiquiri and sample the chilled poached prawns with lemon mayonnaise, deciding then that I may have to feign injury to avoid leaving the next day.Another treat is a foot and leg massage which is offered to all guests as part of the welcome-to-paradise introduction.On previous shark dives in South Africa I was alone in a cage while Great Whites eyeballed me.Though these were extraordinarily exciting dives, I felt like a sliced lunch at the seal diner, cold and unappetising.

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