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It clearly was always intended to fill out the product line and provide a midpoint between the S1 and the S3 (why else would the product names have evolved in the way they did), but the launch of the S2 is concurrent with the introduction of a number of lower-priced watches with similar (though not identical) feature sets, such as the Skycaddie WATCH, the IZZO Swami Watch and the Bushnell NEO-X watch.

The fact that we ultimately rated the S2 lower than the S1 isn’t a statement on the quality of the device, but rather is reflective of its pricing among an increasingly crowded and competitive field.

The center of the green distance continues to be displayed throughout the hole, regardless of distance.

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The Good: Scoring is available (although we have our quibbles about its implementation). The Bad: Still no online portal to save scores and track performance over time.Garmin continues to add to its family of golf GPS watches with the introduction of the Approach S2.Garmin has made the curious decision to have three models with relatively slight feature differences.Head-to-head against other Garmin devices, distances were all within the standard range of several yards of error.Retail Price: Garmin is keeping their price points on the high side, and at 9.99 (though down from 9.99 at launch) its price is higher than the Sky Caddie WATCH, and at the level of many of the more full-featured handheld golf GPS devices.

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